Saturday, December 6, 2008


The songs keep coming, every day, one more powerful that the next!! Dont' even try to formulate a preconceived notion about the magic we are many suprises..I am addicted to these songs, they are like glorious burning blood rushing through my veins. I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY. WE ARE ABLAZE.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karyn I'm from a tiny Island in the south pacific called Eua, it's part of the Tonga group of Islands. I found out about you completely by chance(If such a thing as chance exists.)I love your energy and am extremely happy in you discussion to learn shamanism. The old ways seem to be dieing out now days. I am the only keeper of these ways on my Island which has only 5000 people on it all christian apart from me and my friend Taki. See these missionary's came over here in the 1800 and really took us for a ride. Anyway we have 3 main spirits on our Island not including the one that live around us in the sea and I'm the one the Island looks to when the get angry. Of course this is all done behind closed door so to speak by the village elders as like I say the all go to church and have to keep up a front for what ever reason.I've downloaded your decay song off utube and I thought the band must of had 3 singers, when I found out it was only you, wow what a talent are you sure you don't have 3 soirts inside you or is that a given as far as your concerned. anyway come visit my blog if you like, I have only just started and I'm not letting to much out of the bag as yet.thanks for sharing your talent with us, and I love the site.