Friday, January 30, 2009

Farewell Dear Ghosts

"Be near me now,
As I die unto myself
Releasing in a flame of gold
And laid to rest by myself.
I open the door of no return
And say farewell to sorrows past
And die unto the light
And die unto the light."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A little update: I'll be moving to Italy the first week of February for an undetermined amount of time!
Until then, I am booked solid for custom leather orders. After this month, I will NOT be taking leather orders for a while, and most of my webstore stock is SOLD OUT. Grab what you can while you can.

I will continue to paint and sell paintings via my webstore and ebay, however. I'll also be starting an art webpage, which I'll get the word out about. Paintings will be available there for sale (the few that haven't yet sold), as well as photos of all my work from the past few years. Just keep an eye here and and for details.

I will finally have T SHIRTS AVAILABLE very soon! My best friend Lisa Gossler designed them, AND, I am finishing up METHODOLOGY graphic novel after 10 + years.

AND...we will be posting updates and photos from studio!

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Karyn Crisis Paintings for Sale..

Two new paintings up for auction on Ebay:>

"The Witch and Her Guides", acrylic and oil on maple board.
"Wielding the Way," special edition painted photo.
To see photos, check out my Albums and go to Ebay:
Search: KARYN CRISIS or use link below:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Solo Album Writing Session Number 2 !!!

The second writing session has begun for my solo album! Davide Tiso and Eraldo Bernocchi are in studio..and in one and a half days have sent me 1 slammin' completed song and are working on a second!! They are working so fast it's incredible...I have completed lyrics and vocals for 2 songs, and I'm working on a third and fourth. Plus,I'm working on a few vocal-based pieces.

In 2 and a half weeks I'll be in Italy with them, working on pre-production for the month of February and then recording in March...I'm so excited to sing again and to continue my journey in Italy!!!! New beginnings all around.

I'm grinning at life's sense of humor and greater plan: Here I've been working through my own transformation for 3 years..3 being the pervasive number of composition in this World of the Relative. I'm reminded of what I wrote before in a previous posting:
"It's not lost on me that we are a triumverate, and it's not lost on me the power and significance in that number. As each human being is a three-fold being, we are each three-in-one, you could say, in this world of Relative: body,mind,spirit; id, ego, superego; here,there, the space in between; conscious, subconscious, superconscious;past, present, future; energy, matter, antimatter; phyiscal, the non-physical, the metaphysical: Eraldo, Davide, Karyn..the POWER is here..."

And as I think of that posting, I look inward and realize that my 3 year journey has brought me in a circle, as life does..whose starting point now is the one I left behind 3 years ago: My voice in Music. Further, I realize each year of those 3 I worked on a third of my self's composition: my mind, my body, my spirit...Getting my house in order, so to speak. I didn't expect to be spit back out into the world..or even the world of music again! I was content journeying my desert alone, then starting up my leather business again working alone, painting alone..then Reiki found me and I received my attunements and WOW, I was ushered back into the world, and lives of people, with eyes that behold so much more now in those around me, in this world, and in the aether...During those 3 years my greatest wish was to go to the Amazon and study with Shaman and become awakened to the secrets of life. Life told me, however, that my place was here, this was no time to hide..and yet I still received my "Shaman experience wish", only in different form..part of my wish took place in a forest indeed, albiet the Redwoods, and with a Shaman, with 3 Reiki Masters, and ALL preparing me for this year, 2009..9 being the number of COMPLETION.

Like the Phoenix Bird I've so loved since I was a child, I find myself completing a circle, rebuilding from my own ashes, beginning again...From the Self all things spring forth: We are blessed with the creative power to command "I AM, I BECOME, I BELIEVE".

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tenacity is when you follow your heart--when the whole world is screaming to get back into your head.-Sonia Choquette

from "Blessings, Prayers and Declarations for a Heartful Life" by Julia Cameron.

I am blessed by my own tenacity. I contain an inner reservoir of gritty strength, which serves me and others well. My capacity to stick to a commitment is a safe and trustworth component of my character. My tenacity is the building block for my successful career, relationship,family life, and friendship.

Obstacles test me but they do not deter me. I am able, always, to tap an inner resilient strength which serves me. Even when life is a desert, I find my careful way. Like a camel, I carry within myself stamina and the wisdom to use my energy wisely for the long trek.

I am a creature of miraculous endurance. My will and my grounded passion form the basis for my tenacious movement through life. I bless my tenacity for its important, unsung heroism.