Thursday, February 5, 2009


`Finally, I am in Tuscany, after 3 flight delays, 3 flight cancellations, one added flight and one lost bag of luggage (which has since been recovered) !!! I am so happy and I feel a home. The land is beautiful and looks similar to parts of northern Cali. There is even a nearby town called La California! I go to visit Eraldo's studio tomorrow.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Last night I arrived to my friend Jackie's apartment in NYC.
We realized how long it's been since I've been to NYC.
This morning I thought about the beginning of 2006, when I arrived in NorCal, and how this last period of living there was the longest stretch of time, since I can remember, when I was one place. During these last few years, I stepped out of my nomadic life and focused on being in the moment. This stillness of movement brought about stillness within me through meditation, guided imagery, metaphysics, Buddhism, Shamanism, Reiki..and along with the ghosts who'd been chasing me for years these new tools brought me back to myself. I sent a call out to the Universe to give me a breakthrough, enlightenment, new paths to take to work through the darkness in a way that would break me free of the vicious cycle that only brought me back to emotional paralysis before. My call was answered...then the Universe sent me a call in return, beckoning me back to music.

So here I find myself in NYC; right now a gateway for me..almost a halfway point between my old life and the new one awaiting me in Italy. The perfect place for reflection. I am so excited to see what magic awaits there...because that magic truly resides in me..and what occurs there has everything to do with what I wish to create within me and without. Time to wander the city streets..Ciao!