Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sisters of Necessity

Today I dropped off my painting for the "Myth" Group show ay Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco. My wonderful camera is not functioning, so I borrowed one to get a few snaps. Sadly, they are blurry and a bit washed out, but until I can get pro photos, this is the best I've got to post! Opening night for the show is Saturday, July 14th 6-10 pm. I chose the Daughters of Necessity (the Three Fates). One spins the thread of life, one determines its length, and one cuts the thread when time has come for death. I titled it "Sisters of Necessity Weaving our Cords of Life" and re-worked the idea a bit. Instead of literally showing 3 daughters, I decided to show one with 3 sets of hands doing the weaving, length-determining, and cutting, and played with the idea of hair and its similarities to these threads that record our life story, since hair holds our DNA and is therefore a record-keeper as well. The colors of the threads were chosen from an Ancestral Alignment ritual for a Sacred Tree Cord from Raven Grimassi's "The Cauldron of Memory".