Monday, May 28, 2012

Three Daughters of Necessity as One

Getting closer to finishing this painting for the Modern Eden Gallery show! Hopefully just 2 more layers to go...then I will begin sketches and photos for my September solo show!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Curiosity Opened the Doors...

As a natural born medium and a scorpio to boot, naturally my interests and experiences in life have found me asking deeper questions about life and death that have taken me on very interesting path! My most recent art show was a group show at Articulated Gallery where I painted a darkly humrous painting of 2 women using a ouija board...before that was my solo show at Sacred Rose Tattoo of the major arcana of the Tarot. These paintings are now for sale in my etsy shop:Karyn Crisis' Etsy Shop "Secret Arts" Currently, I'm painting for 2 shows: one coming up in early June: a "Myth" themed show at Modern Eden Gallery. I'm painting Necessity. I got the idea from my Spirit Guide who brought to my attention a passage in a book about pathworking with your ancestors. The passage was about preparing a Sacred Tree Cord and the representation of the divine triformis principle and its inclusion of the idea of the Three Daughters of Necessity who each: spin the thread of life, determine its length, and cut it when time has come for death. Instead of literally painting 3 sisters, I am painting one who's hand-weaving cosmic threads. I have several layers to go still and alot more detail, but here's a progress shot from last session.
my upcoming solo show in September at Articulated Gallery (also in San Francisco) will be : Mediums, Witches and Healers. As I study the organized art of mediumship by sitting in a Spirit Circle regularly and read for people, I will be painting different aspects found here: transfiguration mediumship with ectoplasm, always an interesting topic!, various witches and their tools, and healers in sessions working with Guides. Something new I'm trying is painting on panels which I'll be framing for the show, so the show will be framed work rather than canvases! This will be surely another intersting show, and I can't wait for opening night of this one. My tarot show was abuzz with excited energy and I was blessed to have a variety of tarot readers who came to check out my deck and give me feedback. See you there!