Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ennead: Casting Out Nines

In every ending is a beginning.

The first writing session for my solo album has reached its end, and subsequently a new starting point. 9 songs have been written by Davide and Eraldo, and each one is an amazing story unto itself; a testament, a monument, a documentary of the struggles and wars waged to overcome all odds arriving at last at empowerment. They are the songs of brave warriors standing in the glow of a most brilliant sunrise after winning the war. For me, these songs represent the very process to which I am so devoted: taking the bold journey within, keeping an open heart, and being true to oneself...and in the end, these songs represent the very best of all three of us.

To say it plain, these songs are fucking brilliant.

Emotion is energy in motion, and these songs pulsate and vibrate in immense emotion. They are paintings, incredible emotion poured into sound, dreamscapes for me to dive in and travel with my voice. In Crisis, I likened the music to mountains, and I was the climber. In this triumverate, I am an equal part, finding a deeper journey that involves melding into the music, becoming entangled..a dance of sorts. And it's glorious.

The Number 9 is the number of COMPLETENESS and old cycles ending. It is the first composite "lucky" number. Nine is strongly associated with the Chinese dragon, a symbol of magic and power.In the Christian angelic hierarchy there are 9 choirs of angels.There are nine circles of Hell in Dante's Divine Comedy...and at the fountainhead of all this is me: Scorpio, sign of Transmutation and Transformation. How appropriate for this ending whose beginning has now arrived for me to write my vocals for these songs, which will transform and transmute them further through the power of word.


kozy crisis said...

esperando que salga al aire karyn!, estamos deseosos de escucharte cantar otra vez...desde lejos, un poco lejos no?..desde chile. abrazos!.

Anonymous said...

Hey Karyn
Good to hear, about your new album. Bummer the little Island I live in doesn't have a music shop to buy albums, so I suppose I won't get to hear them :-(. Oh well! All the best for it though anyway.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask, the govt over here want to start whaling again,Ive got a link to a petition on my blog, can you sign. The buggers want two kill 12 whales a year,so they say,and we need all the support we can get.

Buckminster said...


As a fan for 10+ years, I'm so happy that you're back in the music scene. Yes, there have been those rare artists that have kept me entertained, but the metal world has been sorely lacking, and I believe you can bring life back to it!