Saturday, December 20, 2008

To Owe and to Own, To Have and to Hold: Dovere e Possedere, Avere e Tenere; Devoir et posséder ,Avoir et se tenir

One of the most important truths about this life in the world of the Relative is..I OWE YOU NOTHING...and even more important, it's verso..YOU OWE ME NOTHING.

The first half of this truth is shocking to our human senses not because of it's direct statement, but of the reverse implied: THAT NO ONE OWES US. Instead of dancing with joy to the freedom of the first part of this truth, the self-serving human mind prefers to grab and hold onto whatever control it can try to have over another: You Owe Me. This takes away our own responsibility for our own unhappiness and places blame on another.

Isn't the human mind grand? To rather forsake its own freedom in attempt to own the freedom of another. Examine human behavior throughout history: whether political, domestic, romantic: the human goal is most often to control another human, to have and to hold someone else, even if that means to have a caged bird with tied-up wings, all the while "admiring" it's withering beauty..because in its death it is no longer a threat to our own emptiness, our own fear that we will never be as beautiful and as free.

Another great truth in this life: WE BELONG TO NO ONE, NO ONE BELONGS TO US. And at the same time, we all belong to each other in the infinity beyond this earthplane. To Have, To Hold, To Owe, To Own: these are all restrictive actions that disallow newness and the abundance of life into our selves.

The only "thing" we truly own in this life are our Choices. As it stands, we choose to be in this life because our souls choose to experience ourselves outside of just simply knowing. Each soul on its own path: some seemingly trapped in vicious circles, some breaking through life after's not for us to judge the correct path for each soul. However, freedom is within grasp by exercising the Power of our Choices. Our Choices allow us to create our world: from our thoughts, emotions, words, actions, beliefs, we choose in order to create the life we want.

This brings to question the isolation of being an individual human outside of the glorious infinity we join after death: It's for us to experience that no one can save us, no one can fill up the void within, no one can make us happy in a lasting way, no one can solve our problems: only we can do this unto ourselves. Further, that we can become complete unto ourselves. What better opportunity in life than to CHOOSE to create our lives the way we want them to be, and to CHOOSE to be our own heroes? You want a certain experience in this life? Well...go CREATE it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Karyn for your comments. I’m doing all I can. The whales here are my friends and our bonds are deeper than I can put into words, There importance in our old culture is, well huge. The old culture here is nearly all gone replaced by the new christian culture of another world. Not saying it’s a bad thing just that there is a few of us who would like to see the real Tongan way restored and the new Tongan way to be referred to just as that “new “. See the problem here is all these new ideas that started only 150 or so years ago are now being considered as the Tongan way eg: everyone goes to church on Sunday and I mean everyone bar me and and handful of others, about ten in all out of 5000 on the Island . If you don’t go to Church on Sunday it is considered that you aren’t holding true to the Tongan way . Anyway I digress, I think all this stuff has got me wound up and upset at my people, who of course are me and my life depends on them, and they on me, they are my family all of them so it makes things hard. See digressing again.
Ofa Atu Karyn (love to you), we don't have a word for goodbye over here so we say love to you or
"Ofa Atu"

And thanks for the support

xx....TIMALIA....xx said...

Hi KaRyn, I LOve YOuR MuSic', anD YouR sIte, My ParEntS Do To, so We ArE AlL GlAd YoU Are GoIng To GIvE Us MoRe. PLeasE PardON My GRAmma I'M ONly 3 moNTHS Old And Am LERninG My GiantS LanGwicH as They Don'T SeeM InteresTed In LearnING MinE.
LOve FROm TimaLia

derick said...

pity the sentiments and truth that you echo are not picked up on
thank you