Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Points of Light

I've been working on oil paintings on panel for my upcoming solo gallery show at Articulated Gallery in San Francisco opening September 1st. Below are a few IN-PROGRESS shots. Something different I'm doing this time around is painting on panel, rather than canvas, and framing all the pieces.

The concept was to be Mediums, Witches, and Healers, yet my Spirit Guides had other plans...
I don't tend to think like an "artist" in the sense that I don't have a process of thinking I go into to create works of art, and I don't keep a sketchbook. My paintings are given to me in image form, clairvoyantly, complete and with details and colors...and from there I look through my paint swatch book to find the colors I see in my mind's eye and try to capture the facial features and light in a drawing or self-portrait photo. I also find when I try to "think" my way through a painting that it ends up a disaster! I have to relax into that place of trust and moment of now and I feel my Guides telling me to just keep my brush going and they'll figure it all out...and when I'm able to stay in that connection, I am simply watching the paintings paint themselves. I am the channel.
So I had an intention for the concept of this show and even a beginning...but it lacked the connection as I was trying to control too much and focus on the end point. The works in progress here are the ones which were determined to be painted after Spirit got my attention, bringing my mind-mess painting to a halt! Throughout this process I've been reminding myself that the focus, while still on Mediumship (things seen and unseen) is on the "Points of Light", and that is what I'm calling this Gallery Show...
I rarely listen to music painting, but this time around I've been listening endlessly to the new Ephel Duath album! We got the drum tracks and some of the bass back. I'm endlessly dreaming of playing these songs live. And I've also been breaking from those songs to listen to Jason Walton's (bass player of Agalloch) project Self Spiller and their cd "Worms in the Keys." He gave Davide and I a copy when we recently saw Agalloch at Great American Music Hall.