Monday, December 29, 2008

Il Fuoco di Sciocco, "Fool's Fire"

I remember cold hollow days,
Alone in my cage,
Observing the world passing me by
Full of life and love
And I, as a bird in a cage,
Withered away…

When I managed to spread my wings
And for moments fly free, there were always vultures circling,
Waiting to devour my beauty.
I sacrificed myself to them,
Over and over again..

That was then.

I Left that bird behind, in that gilded cage,
Cowering in the shadows, Good as dead,
With an open door that might have well been a wall;
For that bird wore my pain, as if skin and feathers of lead.

I was a caged bird, because I allowed myself to be..
To experience the opposite of me.

That was then.

Now I walk through fire.
That bird has been freed, and I fly out of this world and back again;
I am in this world but not of it.
I walk through fire, and I’ve got the power.

I gave you a gift of energy, an act of love.
I held your weary head in my hands,
Awash in light of a universal embrace..and after
this still your fear wants to control me.

In you I see those vultures circle,
in you a phrase that pertains to ordinary people:

When “they” say people don’t appreciate what they get for free
“they” know what they are talking about.

And still I fly free.


Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you Karyn and may you always fly free.