Saturday, February 20, 2010


Paints, paints, paints. I am obsessed with oil paints. I've been spending a minimum of 6 hours a day painting in my studio. Most days I like to reach for 7-8 hours. I'd like to work at least 10-12. That's my goal. I am almost finished with 3 new paintings. Very different style departure. This year my focus has been to choose a level I want to attain with my painting and figure out how to get there. I'm learning alot, but there's still so much to learn! I have an entire series planned out for this particular theme I'm working on..and then I will start to work on a series I have planned for the other subject matter I wish to express. I'm also wanting to learn how to draw super well. I've always just sketched out my ideas and gathered research in the past, working out the details while I'm painting. Yet, with these new paintings I am taking the time to draw out all details before I paint, so everything is worked out on the canvas with pencil before I begin the underlayer. This sensible technique delays the excitement of just attacking the canvas from the start, but it dramatically changes the painting process for me, allowing so much more control in the long run. No wonder artists do this! Taking much more time with underpainting is also something new for me. One thing I haven't changed is my oil technique. I use no turpentine or chemical substitutes. I used to use linseed oil, but have since switched to walnut oil exclusively. I've learned alot about brushes that work for me, and have since gathered very specific tools for my techniques. I'll post some photos soon!

Spring in the Air

Spring is peeking through the clouds here and it's making me feel inspired, feisty, electric! It's reminded me of this photo Davide took last summer..and made me think of how much life has changed in one year, two years...As I made a cappuccino to drink, I reflected on how I wasn't able to drink coffee for most of my life. Before I healed my allergies with Reiki (and my husband's love is also a great healer!) , I was not able to eat pizza, drink coffee, have dairy nor tomatoes, never a pastry for breakfast, and eating out was always a problem. I survived on raw veggies, brown rice, seafood, steamed green veggies...yet still I suffered from terrible skin rashes and other allergy symptoms. Now, I can eat anything I want. I told the universe I wanted to eat like normal people, and for the past year I have! More importantly, I asked the universe for my great love, a partner who loves me as I am, someone for me to love as he is, a perfect match..and indeed we are all this together and more. Ask and ye shall receive.