Thursday, August 18, 2011


After my Tarot show, I have to complete a painting for the Ouija Group show which will be at Articulated Gallery in November. I already have my concept worked out for this, so I just have to photograph it and get started. Then I feel guided to (well, complete another large "portrait" that I began a month ago) continue painting large-scale, but instead of painting largely "portraits" as I have been doing, to depict more rituals and initiations from my personal experiences. I think it's natural I gravitated towards "portraits" to begin, since I had to decide Who these Witches are, Who these Shaman are, and Which style of painting I wanted to use. Now that I'm in the swing of my style and technique, I need to manifest more action within each painting. Until this point I've managed to capture an action (dealing with spirit attachments, the breath of life, calling in the 4 quarters, generating energy from the palm chakras, etc), in a sort of cropped freeze-frame. This was the result of focusing so much on my it's time to show those actions in context; in their surroundings, depicting the spirit-side of things that can't be seen by the "naked" eye, etc. Since these large scale paintings will be so much more detailed, I also plan to continue painting on a smaller scale, as with my Tarot show. And of course I need to continue to paint the rest of my Tarot deck, which I plan to print in its entirety when completed.