Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guiding Forces

I'm being guided to "update" certain Tarot cards. Not in the sense that I am "updating" the concept; the core stays the same, but rather through imagery I am bringing the concept more to the center in a currently readable way. Language and symbols are "dated" ideas, and they conjured "dated" concepts based upon the culture and it's affectations of the time period. I'm being led to understand the Tarot beyond the symbolism on the card; the way I've learned to see beyond the words of a person I'm reading clairvoyantly or whose body organs I am communicating with during a Reiki Healing session. The words and the outward appearance can sometimes mislead. I've found that in learning about Tarot, there are cards which have been misread by people no matter what time period they are speaking to or being used in. So with my deck, I would say my clairvoyance is taking me to the core of each card. Here is where, in updated symbolism (or symbolism that speaks to me and my inner language) I am "updating" cards with codes that carry the information in a way that speaks to me the story. "The Fool", "The Magician", "The Chariot", for starters, I've been led to rework in subtle or not-so-subtle ways.