Monday, August 15, 2011

Tarot Tarot Tarot

As anyone who makes a living with their art knows, any setback can quickly snowball. Happily, my cat is doing so much better. Buy currently I am behind on several leather orders, an album artwork commission, new leather for my etsy shop...but I'm managing to stay in good keeping with my Tarot paintings. Thanks to late-nite espresso from my Italian mother-in-law's "mocha" brewer, I'm able to work the late nite/early morning hours as well. By tomorrow night I will have a total of 10 of the 22 Tarot paintings in various stages of process. The painting is going so well, it's the drawing that slows me down. As I've learned, though, the drawing is truly the most important step going in, so that foundation must be done with care. Sometime before October 1st I plan to have my new website up and running, record more vocals for the new songs Davide's written, and plan my painting for the Ouija-theme show at Articulated Gallery in November. Whew.


Mrs.DrAculA's said...

amazing karyn!, i'm so happy because of you and i love your paintings

Karyn Crisis said...

thanks for sharing, you've made ME happy!