Monday, June 4, 2012

The Shining

Recently, I had the pleasure of designing a Tshirt for my band, Ephel Duath. At first, this was a challenge. I don't consider myself great at designing logos or tshirt designs. But Davide encouraged me to go for it, so I did. I made a triangle stamp and used it to create a skull, playing with the idea of transformation in a skull; bones being something that lasts long after our spirit departs our physical body, and it remains as a symbol of eternal life as well as a literal body of dna; something that is a record-keeper of our experiences and ancestry...and the triangle being a symbol of transformation and manifestation.The tshirt was a collaboration with graphic designer Dehn Sora who added the letters and text. The shirt is special issue, limited to 100 pieces and can be ordered here:EPHEL DUATH LTD ED TSHIRT Drawing this tshirt design inspired me so much that I continued to draw and came up with a book full of tattoo designs based on line drawings. I felt compelled also to create some small works to sell: a series I call my Shining Skulls. "Shining" as a reference to clairvoyance. These drawings will be for sale in my etsy shop,here:SECRET ARTS And...I have more in the works....