Thursday, June 7, 2012

Out In

San Francisco is a strange city, and one of its wonderful secrets is that is has so many nooks and crannies of unexpected nature and very different neighborhoods. Not a far walk from my apartment is a favorite patch of forest of mine. On the way to a small grove of redwood trees where I partake in ancient rituals involving ancestor path working is an enormous tree with sprawling roots. One of the roots has a flattened area, just room enough for one person to sit and feel embraced amongst its twisting branches. After listening to Davide record parts of a song for the forthcoming full-length Ephel Duath album, I felt I needed to get out into nature. I came here today to work on an interview for Ephel Duath.(published interview links can be found here Ephel Duath Official fb and here Karyn Crisis Official fb page. Thanks to all who've reviewed, spread the word, and posted links! This place is a special gift for being with Spirit in nature, and I always leave feeling recharged. Often I wish I could live inside this tree like Mr. Fox, even though Davide and I have brought alot of nature into our apartment. Ahhh. Back to work!


Gabriel Nepenthe said...

San Francisco has many wonderful hidden places, where you can really feel the ancient breath of the land, even forget that you're even in a city... something I really treasure about that area.

When I was living in Emeryville I didn't get any of that, and honestly it hurt my heart, not having true trees, or true underbrush about. Instead everything is concrete there and even the river was paved over.

Now I'm back in Chico though, where if you look at the city from without, you will see nothing but trees.

If you're ever around the Northern Coast of California, Karyn, give the Mendocino Botanical Gardens a shot, they're quite lovely.

Karyn Crisis said...

Garbiel, thanks for the tip about Mendocino Gardens!