Monday, November 10, 2008

"Squaring the Circle"

"Squaring the Circle" is a concept I became fascinated with when I was studying Sacred Geometry. The first version of this painting focused on the concept via one of the mathematical formulations for "squaring the circle", which is the idea of Oppopsites being One at the same time (yin and yang, the meeting of heaven and earth..) After my Reiki I attunement, I tried to sell this painting, but it didnt' sell. This was the first painting I put up for sale that didn't end up selling! Then I received a "message" that the painting wasn't completed...and as I sat looking at it for days on end, I realized the focus of the painting, for me, shifted to the concept of "opening" to enlightenment,and I therefore reworked it to reflect not the mathematical representation of two becoming One, but a representation of the actual "process" of this happening, which I now understood from personal experience.
The "blue" verison is the BEFORE and the gold, more Byzantine style version is the AFTER. I do want to find a way to use the original "blue" color again, though.For more detailed pictures of this painting you can visit:".largelargePhotobucketmedium


PURIFIER said...

i just cant get over this painting .