Monday, November 10, 2008

"Labyrinthine" acrylic painting for sale

I've just completed this new acrylic painting, "Labyrinthine". I painted it on Canva paper, which is an acid-free archival paper with a thicnkess similar to Bristol Board. It's been texturized to resemble linen. Back in my middle-school years, acrylics were may favorite paints, and at times I globbed them on for texture, since they hold their thick shape so well. I'd even paint using paintbrush stems and ballpoint pens. I got into oils in high school and loved the mysterious quality the colors have and the blendability. I began working with watercolors (the ones in tubes) when I started the "Methodology" graphic novel. The only oil painting I did in the 1990s was on my painted black n white photos. "The Contract" was the first oil painting I'd done in years. So, now I'm trying to get into acrylics again. I find them difficult and stubborn after working with oils for so the same time, they dry fast and you can layer as much as you want without worrying about the "fat over lean" rule of oils. My camera definitely doesn't capture the subtleties of color, unfortunately!For more detailed photos of this painting, go to's on sale on Go to and search:Karyn Crisis, or use link: