Saturday, June 25, 2011

Preparing for my Solo Painting Show in October...

I've been wanting to paint my own tarot deck for about 10 years, and I've decided now it the right time! I have a solo painting show at Sacred Rose Tattoo in Berkeley in October, and I'm going to paint the tarot deck for this show. The plan is to also offer a printed deck as well from the paintings in the show. Eventually I'd like to make my own conceptual deck altogether, based on the divination I've done in my practice..but I think starting off with a more traditional deck is ambitious enough for now. As a seer, a clairvoyant, I've learned that I don't need any tools at all to "see", even though I've used many and studied even more. So now it will be a challenge to create cards that resonate with me and also express the essences of each card without being so crammed with symbols and information that they lack any visual imapact. This will be a truly exciting experience and I expect the creative journey to be quite an adventure. I intend to include drawings in the show pieces as well, and perhaps some type of documentation of this process in the form of anecdotes. We shall see...pun intended