Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A little update: I'll be moving to Italy the first week of February for an undetermined amount of time!
Until then, I am booked solid for custom leather orders. After this month, I will NOT be taking leather orders for a while, and most of my webstore stock is SOLD OUT. Grab what you can while you can.

I will continue to paint and sell paintings via my webstore and ebay, however. I'll also be starting an art webpage, which I'll get the word out about. Paintings will be available there for sale (the few that haven't yet sold), as well as photos of all my work from the past few years. Just keep an eye here and Myspace.com/Exorsister and Myspace.com/KarynCrisisMusic for details.

I will finally have T SHIRTS AVAILABLE very soon! My best friend Lisa Gossler designed them, AND, I am finishing up METHODOLOGY graphic novel after 10 + years.

AND...we will be posting updates and photos from studio!


Lesma said...

Yey studio photos ...I like to look on other people's studio work and the tools they use and so... that's nice of you showing us that ...thanks bring them on

Anonymous said...

As a new but enthusiastic fan of what you do, this is great news.